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Copyright Information

Creative Commons License

All work by Janet Saw and Citrus Acid is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License. Graphic designs, product listings of jewellery and other items for display or sale via my websites, Etsy or ArtFire, including images and related text, are licenced under the above Creative Commons license.


When displaying any of images or text covered by the above Creative Commons licence, you must include a link back to the article or page where the material is taken, or include a link back to my main website.

To make it easier, simply copy and paste this source code:

<a href="">Designs and Crafts by Janet Saw</a>

Anything referenced must also display this copyright text  "© Janet Saw" whenever an image or text is used, if it does not already have a copyright on it.

Commercial Use

For whatever purpose, commercial or profit use of my material covered under the above CC licence is not permitted. This includes using my ideas, designs, images and text for your own profit. Doing so will cause you to breech this licence and leave you open for prosecution.


Derivative Works

Using my work to create a modified piece is not permitted. You may not change any part of my material to call it your own. This includes using my photos as background images or design elements for social network sites.


What Does This Licence Apply To

This creative commons licence applies to everything on my two websites and, as well as any subdomains such as This copyright is always in effect unless I have specifically stated that you are free to use my material for a specific purpose. On third party platforms such as Etsy, ArtFire and MadeIt, I own the rights only to my listed products, images and text.


If you have any other questions, please do contact me. Thank you very much.