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Before emailing me, please do have a read of this FAQ section. Who knows, your questions may already be answered!

Browsing, Purchasing and Payment Methods
  1. Do I need to register for an account to buy?
    No, you do not need to register for an account. You can simply purchase items as a guest. When you click on "Checkout", you will be prompted to create an account or login. On the left box section called "I am a new customer", there is another option to check out as a guest. Select this option and you can proceed as normal, without associating your order with an account. 
  2. What benefits do I get if I register an account?
    If you make an account, you will be able to track and view your order history, store multiple delivery addresses, receive newsletter offers and sales, and your shopping cart will be permanently saved until you make an order.
  3. I don't see my currency in your list. Can you add it for me?
    Unfortunately, I have been getting incorrect amounts being paid to me when buyers use otther currencies. I have now removed this feature, and you will be billed in AUD. PayPal will do this conversion for you automatically, so you can still shop as normal. Sorry for any inconvenience caused!
  4. What payment methods do you accept?
    For all customers, I accept PayPal and Credit Card payments through PayPal, for those without a PayPal account.
    For Australian customers, in addition to PayPal, I also accept direct deposit, cheques and money orders.
    All orders are billed in Australian Dollars. There may be a small conversion amount taken by PayPal, or conversion fees from your credit card company.
  5. How do I make a payment using a Credit Card or PayPal?
    When you check out and reach the section called "Checkout Confirmation", you will see a button on the bottom right corner labelled "Confirm Order". Once you click on this button, the site will automatically load up the PayPal interface. PayPal users can log in from this page. If you wish to use your credit card or don't have a PayPal account, on the left of the interface is a title "Don't have a PayPal account?". Click the Continue button to enter your card details and complete the payment. If you have used Etsy, ArtFire or DaWanda before, the process is the same.
  6. How do I make a payment using direct deposit?
    If you have an Australian bank account and have your payment address set to Australia, you can select the "Bank Transfer" option when you checkout. After confirming the order, my bank details will be displayed so you can transfer the amount owed. Please remember to leave a reference, such as your transaction number, when you deposit payment.
  7. How do I apply coupon codes?
    If you have received a coupon offer that you would like to apply to your order, simply check out as normal. On the "Payment Information" section, which is the second stage of the checkout process, there will be a text box allowing you to enter and apply a coupon. Simply type the code in and click the "Apply Coupon" button. Your order total will be updated immediately, if the coupon is valid.
  8. Is there a wishlist feature for this website?
    Unfortunately, there is no wishlist feature for this store. However, if you have created an account, your shopping cart will be permanently saved until you make an order. It acts as a wishlist of sorts, but unfortunately there isn't a way to store a list of items separately.
  9. How can I check the status of my order?
    If you have created an account, you can view your orders by logging in and navigating to the "Account" tab. Click on the link called "View your order history" and there will be a status for each of your orders in the top right corner. You will be notified of any changes to your order by email. This includes notifications when your order is packaged and shipped.

  10. Some items seem to be in stock, and others are "made to order". What do these availability statuses mean?
    Items that are listed in stock are ones with the default selected options, which are the options pictured. These are ready to ship off once a purchase has been made. If you have selected different options however, your purchase will be made from scratch and may take longer to ship. If an item is "made to order", this means that once you order, your item will be hand made and shipped out once complete.
  11. What do the different order statuses mean?
    Cancelled: The order was cancelled and no longer active due to mutual agreement by both parties, or non-payment from a customer.
    Complete: The order has reached the end, in any case. This could mean the order has been shipped and delivered (if I hear back from a customer), or returned and refunded.
    Packaged: The items have been packaged and wrapped up, ready for posting the next business day.
    Pending: After an order is placed, this is the default status. Once the order is confirmed and payment is received, the status will be updated.
    Processing: The order is in production. Everything ordered is being lovingly hand made.
    Refunded: The order total has been fully or partially refunded to the customer.
    Returned: The order was arranged to be returned for repair or refund.
    Shipped: The packaged order has been transferred to the hands of the postal service.

Polymer Clay Jewellery
  1. Do you sell in wholesale or bulk quantities with discounts?
    Yes, I do wholesale and bulk orders. You may order through this website and I will quote the proper amount afterwards.

    You will receive 5% off for 10-24 items, and 10% off for 25 and over. These discounts apply to only orders of the SAME item, not several different ones. For example, you want to order 15 of item A, 25 of item B and 5 of item C. You will receive 5% off the subtotal of item A, 10% off the subtotal for item B, and no discount for the subtotal of item C. I apply strict bulk discount policies because I still need to hand make each one, and I put a lot of effort ensuring that their quality is up to my high standards.

  2. Can I get a discount for ordering a large quantity of different items?
    No, sorry. As explained in the answer to question 1, I cannot provide discounts for individual items, as they will need to be individually hand made. Making only one of each would mean that I do not save any time, and therefore cannot pass any savings on to you.
  3. Do the metals in your jewellery contain nickel?
    Almost all of the metals and findings I use are nickel-free. Each item's description will mention this as well. Nevertheless, I still have a few findings that I may contain some nickel. If an item's parts do contain nickel, or if I am unsure of the metal, you will be properly informed in the description. Please read carefully if you are allergic to nickel, and please avoid any items where I do not specifically declare as nickel-free.

    If I have wrongly described the item that you purchased, please do let me know and I will do what I can to make up for it.
  4. Are you able to make a custom design?
    Yes, I do welcome custom orders using the stock that I have, as long as the style is consistent with my product line. I charge an extra amount for custom work, normally an extra 10-20% depending on the difficulty. Just to clarify, a special design is one where I would have to create from scratch and is not based on any of my available designs. If you wish to simply change colours or toppings, that is not considered as a custom design. Please note, custom designs cannot be refunded once production has started.

  5. Can you make a piece of jewellery using sterling silver metal components?
    Yes, I do have sterling silver as an option for some of my items. You can find them using the dropdown boxes when selecting an option for metal. I am still working on expanding the line, so if something is not in a precious metal right now, it will come soon. If you have a request or suggestion on what I can upgrade, please drop me a line.
  6. Are you able to place handwriting on each item to make them more special?
    Unfortunately, no. This is one thing I am very strict about. Placing handwriting on items would be the most time consuming, expensive, and risky operation in my profession. One mistake, and I will need to re-make the item. Perhaps I won't need to re-make the entire item if the handwriting piece is attached later, but it is still too risky for me to endure.
  7. There are many options available for an item, but still not in the combination I want. What should I do?
    If I have not listed a combination that you would like, please do let me know! If it is something simple such as swapping icings, colours, and toppings, I will be able to do it for no extra charge.
  8. How durable is polymer clay? How should I look after my jewellery?
    Although polymer clay items are hard, they are breakable! Please treat your pieces with care, because although they are not expensive pieces of art, they should be given the same respect or even more. Please do not wear these pieces of jewellery to bed or in the shower. They are not designed to be worn all day, or in conditions where they may be damaged, for example by pulling, knocking or banging against other objects. Dropping or knocking can cause some pieces to crack or break.

    When cleaning your jewellery, only use mild soap and water. Never scrub with a brush, as this may accidentally dislodge sprinkles or other toppings, and may also cause varnished areas to become scratched.

Miniature Model-making Supplies

  1. What are your moulds made from?
    My moulds are made from 2-part silicone moulding mix. The finished mould is flexible and does not normally require any powder dusting or lubricant to remove the clay.
  2. How do I remove a piece of clay after pressing it into the mould?
    I normally bake the mold with the polymer clay at 110 degrees Celsius for 30 minutes, so I don't have to worry about it distorting. If you want to remove it without baking, I normally squeeze the top of the mold lightly which then makes the clay release from the edge a little. Turn the mold a bit and squeeze the top again until you have gone all around. Then try to peel it out. I must say that I haven't had much success doing it this way, so I normally bake it while in the mold. 
  3. The clay distorts when I try removing it from the mould. What are your recommendations?
    Another thing you can try is spraying a little bit of water into the mold before putting the clay in. I've heard that this prevents the clay from sticking to molds. Putting it in the fridge also will help stiffen the clay, so it may be easier to remove.


If you have any unanswered questions, please do contact me. Thank you very much.