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Shipping Costs

Completed items will be sent within 1-3 business days, once payment has cleared. If the item is made to order, please allow the specified time for fabrication and posting of your items. Sometimes, an item may not be in stock, as it may have been sold outside of this website and was not updated (I apologise for that). In that case, a new one will be made for you, but may take an extra few days. Thank you for understanding.

Shipping costs are calculated on the first step of checkout. The system calculates it based on your delivery location.

At the present moment, other shipping options besides the default are not selectable at checkout. You will need to add the upgrade as an item into your cart from the Post & Packaging Upgrades section. Please select your country or area from the dropdown list to get the proper price.

Shipping Prices (small gift box)
Australia: AU $1.20
All Other Countries: AU $2.35

Shipping Prices (large gift box)
Australia: AU $5.00
New Zealand: AU $7.95
Asia Pacific: AU $9.25
US / Canada: AU $10.50
UK / Europe / All Others: AU $12.50

Registered Post (large gift box included)
Australia: AU $8.05
New Zealand: AU $17.90
Asia Pacific: AU $20.50
US / Canada / Middle East: AU $23.00
All Other Countries: AU $27.00

If in any case that an excess of more than $2 is charged, the excess above the $2 amount will be refunded via PayPal or bank deposit.

Registration offers buyers a proof of posting and signature on delivery. This is usually enough to deter mail theft and prevent any lost packages. Should you these services and others such as tracking, extra cover or cash on delivery, I will be happy to look them up on the Australia Post website for you and provide a quote for your country.


Small Gift Box


The small gift box is the size of a match box, 5cm x 3.5cm x 1.6cm. This allows me to send your items as a letter. Each box can fit about two small items or one larger one. I will put them into zip lock bags to keep them from being tossed around. The inside of the box will be pad wrapped to protect the items. Keep in mind that the box may be dented upon arrival, especially if shipped overseas.


 Large Gift Box


In a large gift box, each piece of jewellery will be attached to one my specially designed cards. The box is 10cm x 10cm x 4cm in dimension. I will use less boxes for multiple purchases unless you let me know beforehand. Each box can fit about four items.

To help prevent nicks and dents, all boxes will be bubble wrapped twice and placed into regular envelopes or satchels. Please note, if a box happens to arrive slightly dented but the merchandise inside is in perfect condition, this is not considered a flaw in workmanship.

Large tough boxes will be used to deliver big or bulk orders.

Estimated Delivery Times

Australia: 1-5 days
UK: 7-14 days
US: 7-14 days

It is possible that you receive your items really quickly, depending on whether you live in a metropolitan area or in the suburbs. It may take longer for residents in rural areas to receive parcels.

Buyer is responsible for all duty and customs charges.