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A small-time craft business run by one woman. This is me, Janet Saw. I delve to create using many different kinds of media, so long as it interests me.

I come from a multimedia / graphic design background, with many days of my childhood spent in what ever craft I could get my hands on. My mother bought me a few craft sets as a child, but there wasn't much variety from my area of the world. I dabbled with paper folding, beading, bracelet weaving, and glass painting. Even though I enjoyed making, craft wasn't considered a job, so I never thought to make anything for selling. Years went by, and I worked in the multimedia and graphic design area for a year or two, before I became tired. I didn't even work full time, actually! The income was good, but I never had the 'hots' to be offered a full time job at any company.

Giving up, I went back to creating, but still utilising the design principles and guidelines that I learned throughout the years. This time, I finally considered a life selling my little creations. I wanted to make glass beads, but since our little apartment doesn't welcome open flames, I turned to polymer clay. I became addicted, and it was only a matter of time before I became curious about little miniature food. Life as a seller isn't easy. I still won't consider my work a success, as I can't earn enough to support myself just yet.

I am constantly improving and expanding my product line, and the next area to go into would be metal smithing. It's another difficult craft, but may increase the value of my clay works when combined with precious metals and customised styles. I would finally be able to bring my ideas into reality. I do also dream about making glass beads, so I think I might work on that hobby as well! I can never find great beads for sale, so I should just make my own!

Anyway, it's way too hard to explain everything about myself in an essay. Please, do feel free to check me out at all the venues where I loiter:

Have a look at my new studio in Wyndham Vale, VIC. That's a new suburb near Werribee, for those who are unsure.


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